Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


6 august 2013

News: Keynote prof. Jenny Lewis ANZSOG Conference 2013

Keynote prof. Jenny Lewis ANZSOG Conference 2013

At the annual conference of the Australian and New Zealand School of Government, Prof. Jenny Lewis has given a key-note speech about the innovative capacity of governments. In her speech she explains that innovation capacity cosists of formal structures (e.g. political & administrative triggers, corporatist governance traditions) and informal structures (e.g. organizational slack, external customer focus). 

However in order to create this innovation capacity a culture is needed, aimed at embracing innovations. To prof. Lewis, this culture contains pro-innovative orientations (including receptive internal culture, acceptance of risk, sympathetic culture and supportive procedures) and pro-innovative network characteristics (good external connections, solid links between politicians & bureaucrats, access to embedded resources and reaching out to people).


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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