Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


30 september 2015

News: Systematic Review on Co-Creation and Co-Production published in Public Management Review

The article ''Systematic Review of Co-Creation and Co-Production: Embarking on the social innovation journey'' is now published in the latest issue of Public Management Review, Issue 9. The article was written by our LIPSE members William Voorberg, Msc, prof. dr. Victor Bekkers and dr. Lars Tummers. LIPSE fundings were also used to conduct this study.

This article presents a systematic review of 122 articles and books (1987–2013) of co-creation/co-production with citizens in public innovation. It analyses (a) the objectives of co-creation and co-production, (b) its influential factors and (c) the outcomes of co-creation and co-production processes. It shows that most studies focus on the identification of influential factors, while hardly any attention is paid to the outcomes. Future studies could focus on outcomes of co-creation/co-production processes. Furthermore, more quantitative studies are welcome, given the qualitative, case study, dominance in the field. We conclude with a research agenda to tackle methodological, theoretical and empirical lacunas.


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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