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1 december 2015

News: New blog post on stability and innovation

New blog post on stability and innovation

Last week a new blog post was launched by Wouter van den Acker (PhD KU Leuven). His blog is about how many of us want an innovative public sector that doesn't get stuck in the past but which rides the waves of modernization. As we become more accustomed to digital and mobile services, we expect the public sector to change as well. So, we need and we want our government to change.

However, as he stated: ''we also need and want public service provision to be stable, reliable and predictable. Constant changes in tax systems, health care provisions and the way we educate our kids can also be problematic and frustrating.''

These two requests, stability and innovation, seem to be contradictory. But a predictable, innovative government is not necessarily a paradox in terms. In order to reconcile these goals, we need one thing: sustainable innovation. Sustainable innovations are those that can stand the test of time and provide reliable, state of the art services to citizens, without the uncertainty of whether next year will be completely different.

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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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