Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


3 april 2014

News: LIPSE conference papers for IRSPM now on website

The following papers of LIPSE researchers are uploaded at the Downloads page. They all will be presenteded at the IRSPM, 9-11 April in Ottawa:

  • Voorberg, W., Bekkers, V.J.J.M. & Tummers, L.G. (2014) Co-creation in social innovation: A comparative case-study on the influential factors and outcomes of co-creation Ottowa: IRSPM
  • De Vries, H.A., Bekkers, V.J.J.M., & Tummers, L.G. (2014). Innovations in the Public Sector: A Systematic Review and Future Research Agenda. Ottawa: IRSPM
  • Lewis, J.M. & Ricard, M. (2014): Innovation environments in the public sector: Formal structures and informal networks. Ottowa: IRSPM
  • Ricard, M. & Lewis, J.M. (2014): Innovation capacity in the public sector: What's the link between leadership and innovation? Ottawa: IRSPM
  • Nederhand, M.J., Bekkers, V.J.J.M. & Voorberg, W.H. (2014). Self-organization and the role of government: how and why does self-organization evolves in the shadow of hierarchy? Ottawa: IRSPM
  • Tummers, L.G. & Knies, E. (2014). The public leadership questionnaire: The development and validation of five dimensions of public leadership behaviors. Ottawa: IRSPM 

Website: http://www.lipse.org/downloads
IRSPM: http://www.irspm2014.com/index.php/irspm2014/IRSPM2014


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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