Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


24 september 2014

News: Upcoming LIPSE events

During the coming months, LIPSE wil participate in various events:

First, LIPSE work will be presented at the 2015 IRSPM conference in Birmingham Manchester, in the permanent study interest group on public sector innovation and change (chaired by among else Bekkers from Erasmus and Osborne from Edinburgh) and in two panels: one on coproduction (chaired by Osborne from Edinburgh) and the another in leadership and innovation (chaired by Tummers from Erasmus and Gasco from ESADE).

Other upcoming events are:

  1. China, Sun Yat-sen University (16-18 November, 2014): Public Administration Review conference. LIPSE partner Lars Tummers from Erasmus and Mila Gasco from ESADE (together with Lotte Bogh Andersen) will host the following panel: Next Steps for Public Leadership and Innovation Research.
  2. Fudan, China (20 - 22 May 2015): Social Innovation Research Conference (SIRC). This conference is co-organized by LIPSE partner Stephen Osborne from Edinburgh.


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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