Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


21 october 2014

News: Conference organized by Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica

On November 4th, Juraj Nemec from Matej Bel Univirsity is hosting the international scientific conference 'The EU budget, innovation and economic growth', which is a continuation of regular conferences that have traditionally been organized by the Faculty of Economics Matej Bel University Banska Bystrica and the European Commission Representation in Slovakia in cooperation with other partners.

The conference's goal is to support professional and academic debate on the topics of public finance in the EU and facilitate a creative environment for innovation in the public and private sectors. The following working group sessions will take place: 1) Theory, Policy and Practice of Finance, 2) Innovation and Innovation Policy, and 3) Education and Research in Finance.

For more information, contact Ivan Sedliacik(ivan.sedliacik@umb.sk).


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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