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3 april 2015

News: Research report and policy recommendations: Risk Definition and Risk Governance in Social Innovation Processes: A comparative case study across 4 EU-countries

The research report and policy recommendation on 'Risk Definition and Risk Governance in Social Innovation Processes: A comparative case study across 4 EU-countries' (Workpackage 4) are now available on the LIPSE Publications page.

Social innovation has become a key component of governmental reform agendas and funding calls across different fields of policy and different European countries. However, there is a general lack of specific literature focusing on risk in public sector social innovation, and the literature that does exist requires further empirical testing. Therefore, there is a clear need for primary research to address the nexus between the risks involved in social innovation from a specific public service point of view.
  • The goal of Work Package (WP4) is to identify the current range of approaches to risk in innovation in public services across European countries as well as to identify the key contingencies in two policy sectors and to empirically identify and evaluate current approaches for relevant stakeholders to engage in discussions about levels of risk for public service innovations. It also investigates how these discussions are translated into specific risk management and governance models.
  • This report suggests a holistic framework on risk approaches in social innovation processes. Based on a thorough search of the literature, the WP4 framework (Flemig, Osborne and Kinder, forthcoming) differentiates between risk and uncertainty. Risks are those outcomes that have been identified but whose likelihood cannot be precisely determined; uncertainty denotes unforeseen outcomes that need to be addressed as they arise. These two types of risk are plotted against different forms of social innovation to suggest different theoretical options for optimal risk governance in public service social innovation

Download here the research report and policy recommendations.


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