Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments


30 may 2015

News: New posts on our social and public innovation blog: ''Not an Oxymoron''

Read our latest blog posts! ''Not an Oxymoron'' is our new blog on social and public innovation. See: https://lipseblog.wordpress.com.

Most entries are written by LIPSE researchers, but once in a while we will invite guest bloggers, like Flemish Ombudsman Bart Weekers.
  • Innovating government communication with citizens:the role of Ombudsmen a guest entry by Bart Weekers (Flemish Ombudsman)
  • The Dark Side of Co-creation? LIPSE researcher Prof. Lars Tummers, Prof. Victor Bekkers and William Voorberg
  • A network approach to public sector innovation capacity by Roskilde University researcher Lykke M. Ricard
  • Innovation environments and innovation capacity in the public sector by Prof. Jenny Lewis from Melbourne University in Australia


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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