Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

Prof. dr. Kai  Wegrich

Person Kai Wegrich

Prof. dr. Kai Wegrich
Professor of Public Administration & Public Policy

Prof. Kai Wegrich is a professor in Public Administration and Public Policy at Hertie. He has held academic positions at the London School of Economics (2007), the University of Potsdam (2000-2005) and the Humboldt University, Berlin (1994-1999). In 2005, he joined the RAND Corporation as Senior Researcher, working in their Berlin and Cambridge offices. Kai Wegrich is co-chair of the EGPA permanent study group 'Public Sector Performance'. His research expertise covers comparative public management reform, core executive studies, regulation and policy analysis. For instance in 2010 he published an article in Public Administration (vol. 88, nr. 1) on the role of worldviews in regulatory change.



Indicators for Public Sector Innovations: Theoretical Frameworks and Practical Applications
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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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