Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

Prof. dr. Marleen  Brans

Person Marleen Brans

Prof. dr. Marleen Brans
Public Governance Institute

Prof. Marleen Brans is a professor at the Public Governance Institute, KU Leuven. She is responsible for training programmes on policy analysis and policy evaluation and on administration-citizen interaction for the Flemish Government. Further, she has participated as a commissioner in projects regarding cost-benefit analysis of public participation, interactive policymaking, evidence-based policymaking, and performance indicators as coordination instruments. Most recently she published together with Bouckaert "Governing without Government: Lessons from Belgium's Caretaker Government" (Governance, 2012, nr. 3).



5. Determinants and Barriers of Adoption, Diffusion and Upscaling of ICT-driven Social Innovation in the Public Sector: A Comparative Study Across 6 EU Countries
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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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