Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

 Helene  Gadriot-Renard

Person Helene Gadriot-Renard

Helene Gadriot-Renard

Helene Gadriot-Renard is associated to the ENA. She has been a senior counsellor within the French Court of Accounts since 2003. She has extensive knowledge in the design, development and implementation of training programmes for high-level civil servants in the field of public sector innovations. She is a former director of studies at the French National School of Administration and as such has an extensive knowledge of the development of training programmes. In addition, as a member of the Court of Accounts and former head of Governance of the OECD, she has a strong track record in the development of monitoring and review mechanisms in the field of the rule of law and the fight against corruption. She recently published in Herodote about the geopolitics of the United Kingdom (Cahier 115).


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Learning from Innovation in Public Sector Environments

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